Micro Current

WHAT IS MICRO CURRENT?  As we age we lose the energy emanating from our cells which causes our faces, to sag, and wrinkle.  Micro Current feeds the much needed energy back into our cells thus rehabilitating them to their youthful state. The treatments feel good and there are 0 negative side effects.  Our bodies recognize this energy as healing and most people fall asleep during the treatment. At this time, there is nothing on the market that can achieve what Micro Current can.

EXPECTATIONS:  We all want to see quick results and this is not how life works.  Depending on how old you are will determine how long it will take to get you where you want to be.  The improvement starts with the first treatment, even though you may not see it visually.  In order to rehabilitate the facial cells, you must restore its life force energy so it can give you your desired results.  This is very much like building a house you must build a strong foundation before the walls can go up.  If you feel in two treatments you should see 10 years erased from your face you are not being realistic, especially since it may have taken you forty or fifty years to get where you are now.  If you preserver you will achieve your goals.

In this journey we become team members, because there are things you can do at home, that will help accelerate and retain the improvement from your treatments

The first thing is to purchase a Micro Mini, I have searched for over 20 years for a home unit that came from a reputable company, made in USA that was easy to use, affordable and Micro Current. This unit is designed to help when traveling or after you’ve completed your series to extend the time in-between your maintenance  sessions.  This unit is NOT sold on AMAZON.