The first place aging starts is in the mind, ones belief system. If you believe age has to take a debilitating bite out of you, then it will. If you believe that you can defy aging and look amazing at any age, then you can. It’s all up to you, you make the decision. If you're thinking it’s too much work, you’re wrong, as it takes more energy and cost being sick, tired, or loosing ones passion for life.
I’m a fighter! I want to live my life with passion, health and love my reflection in the mirror. Vanity? No! I call it extending the quality of my life. 

So, what does it take? Exercise, Diet/Nutrition, Cryo therapy, Micro Current therapy.


DIET AND NUTRITION, This discussion can be endless as there are many diets available, all claiming to be the one. Dieting is quite simple: eliminate carbs and sugars as much as possible. No sodas, pastries, ice cream, etc. Replace with more vegetables, proteins, smoothies. I heard someone suggest to go 4 days on a diet then on the 5th day allow yourself one forbidden food you have eliminated, until you can avoid them all together, without cravings. Be very careful of fasting if you have problems with your sugar levels, high or low.

EXERCISE, Did I hear a groan? With all the different types of exercise programs there has to be one you like and will do. For me, I hate going to the gym as I prefer working out at home. Saves me time as I would be finished exercising by the time I would have driven to the gym, get set up, exercise and return home, Plus no one see me, which means, I can work out in whatever clothing I prefer.
I like to exercise on the Supreme Pilates Pro machine. Why? Easy set up, quite affordable, supports my back and is effective. You may find something else that suits you better. It doesn’t matter what exercise program you choose, as long as you do it.


MICRO CURRENT, As we age we lose the energy in our cells which cause sagging of the muscles, deep wrinkles and the loss of beautiful, vibrant skin. Micro Current rehabilitates the muscles & skin cells, bringing them back to a healthier state.

Limited offer: Consultation and one treatment complimentary.

FUN Coming soon, one day seminars ending in a luau.

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