You’ve seen ads on Facebook & Youtube where you can do it yourself and forgo the cost of professional treatments.  Women are shown with blood covering their faces as they rapidly move the needles over their face. Blogs, show the same, an injured face that is open to infection and/or collagen scarring. 

First of all, you could never do Micro Needling as they are showing you without apply the appropriate numbing cream.  It would hurt too much. The rapid speed of which the pen is moved would cause tiny tears and not channels in the skin. Channels are important for product penetration. 

FICTION:  You must draw blood in order to get the desired results.

FACT:   There is a safe depth that you need not go beyond where Collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid is made.  Going beyond this depth is not necessary and will cause more healing time and possible injuries.

FACT: Numbing cream must be applied to skin 30 minutes before, making the treatment very pleasant. Moving the pen slower allows the needles to affectively cause the channels for healing and product penetration.

When I moved to Hawaii where there is so much sun, I needed something that would replace the strong peels I did in California.  With these peels, came too much down time, and I needed to trust the clients/patients would not prematurely peel their faces.  These peels provided beautiful clear skin but made you sun sensitive, If you got too much sun on your fresh new skin it could cause harm that would undo all the positive affects the peel accomplished. Plus certain skin types could not be treated with peels as their skin would hyper pigment. 

This made me look into Micro Needling, which claimed to be better than peels and safer with less down time and no sun sensitivity. Thats when I found there was so much misguided information out there and i needed to find the truth.

FACT:  Micro needling does not make you sun sensitive, produces the same or better results as peels, and any skin color can do Micro Needling treatments without concern for hypo pigmentation. 

Peels as Microdermabrasion work on the surface of the skin. 

Micro Needling works below the skins surface which helps to stimulate Elastin, Collagen and Hyaluronic acid. Improvement starts there and works its way up to the surface.  Far surpasses the effects of peels.                                                   

Now, I needed to find a Micro Needling pen that did what it was supposed to do and was a quality machine.  Like most I went after pricing to see how cheap I could get one, which took me to China, they were cheap, but were they safe, effective?  What about those $4.00 - $10.00 needles?  Could I count on them?

I then took my search to the mainland and found a company that looked amazing, from products to training.  Their pen was extremely expensive compare to China. However, something told me to continue researching this company.  In doing so I learned a lot.  

My decision was made and I went with MDPen. 

This pen is made in Germany where they are known for quality and precision.  Their one time use needles are $35.00 quite a difference from the $4.00 needles from China.  The difference is they hold their precision points and by doing so makes the treatment go smoother and cause precise channels without tearing the skin.

FICTION; Cheap needles will do just as good of a job as the more expensive needles.

FACT:  Cheap needles will quickly dull and make the procedure more painful, on occasion the tips have broken off into the skin.  Needles need to be adjusted on the pen to various depths.  Such as forehead and eye area, which is quite thin due to less tissue in that area. 


When you are penetrating the skin you really need to know what you are doing, which means you must consistently be looking for more training to make sure you are preforming the treatments effectively and safely and keep updated on new procedures.

FICTION:  All you need is a quickie course or learn the technique on Youtube.  This is plain scary as I mentioned about all the false information provided by people who are misinformed.

FACT: MD Pen provides training videos, plus  courses of which you must pass the test with a 100 percent  score in order to get your certificate.  Plus you can speak to a technician any time, if needed.  

Do your homework before having your Micro Needling done.

Cheap is not always better.

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