Aging isn’t fun! We look in the mirror and see who we once where disappearing with time. Making good treatment choices is important in slowing the process of aging, it won’t bring us back to our youth but it can make us look darn good for our age.

People want instant facial improvement so they go to fillers. Sometimes fillers can make you look like a chipmunk, distort your face or work for you, at least for now.

When fillers are used in an older face, you are creating fullness in the area injected and then
you see the slack muscle in another joining non-injected area. With frustration more filler is
added to combat the look of the slack muscles, and in overtime causing a lumpy uneven

This is important. Under the filler, the facial muscles are still atrophying.
Meaning they are drooping and losing their youthful volume or plumpness. More filler is added hoping to replace the lost plumpness. Not going to happen and it’s a temporary fix.

I look at these people and say if only you were doing Micro Current you would look so much
better and natural and yes, you still can do fillers.

Micro Current mimics the energy in your cells when they are at their best. It lifts, tones and
restores plumpness, plus it is safe and gives you a natural look. It takes time but it does
happen. Everything good takes time.

If you decide to do a face lift, micro current will help aid in the healing process by reducing
permanent numbness and if done regularly will eliminate the need for another face lift.

You can’t stop the years from passing .........but you can stop them from showing at Aloha Cryo/ Youthful You llc Charlene de Lory 808-203-3577.

If you’re not ready to do in clinic Micro Current treatments you can
use a home device. Not the same as professional treatments but will certainly help.

I have found the best and easiest to use facial toning machine, and it’s small enough to take on trips. Cost is only $350.

If you are interested in booking a treatment or purchasing a MC unit call me at 808-203-3577.

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